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CDA NW One day conference: 25th April 2020 (Sheraton Hotel, Blackpool)

Walsingham pilgrimage: 16th May 2020

CDA AGM will be held at St Chad's Cathedral, Birmingham, on Saturday 24th October 2020.

CDA Conference (Golden Jubilee): 15th-17th October 2021 (The Merton Hotel, Jersey)

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Catholic Deaf Association Conference 2021


The next CDA Conference 

The Conference also marks the Golden Jubilee of the Catholic Deaf Association and will take place at the Merton Hotel in Jersey – click here for more details.

Full details of the Conference will be available nearer the time. It will be a great opportunity for all members and their friends to come together for some input, liturgical celebration and to socialise. There will be opportunities to explore the island whilst staying at a family hotel.


The family friendly hotel is fully accessible and welcoming,

and we look forward to spending this quality time together.


As the Conference is two years away, members have plenty

of time to save up for the Conference costs as well

as the travel expenses.



We apologise you all had to pay a postal surcharge of £1.50. We found out that by adding two letters (two A4 sheets), they added 10g which pushed the total weight to just over 100g. 

Please do not forget to fill in the form and post to the Secretary or email him your preference: receive newsletters by post (£3) or email (free). 

Thank you for understanding and for your patience.

Our Mission

The Mission of the Catholic Deaf Association is to bring 'Good News' to Deaf people and enable them to pass it on to others. Therefore, the CDA encourages Deaf people to share in the Mass and the Sacraments and to participate and share fully in the life and mission of Church and society.