1st Sunday of Advent (B) ~ 29th November 2020

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Signed Mass by Fr Paul Fletcher SJ

CDA Chaplain

From his Community Chapel, St Wilfrid's, Preston, England


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Mass in sign language with Fr Jim Clarke 

At St Patrick's Church (St Joseph's Mission to Deaf People ~ Salford diocese)


Live (Sunday only from 11.30am to 12.10pm) 




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Prayer for when there is no Mass

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Praying the rosary sign language

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Hail Mary

in BSL


Fr Paul Fletcher SJ

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Stations of the Cross with 

Fr Paul Fletcher SJ from St Wilfred's, Preston

Note about the sign language in 'Signs of God' lectionaries.

The video clips recorded are to assist Deaf people and others who are involved with the readings at Mass in the UK. It is not truly British Sign Language as such (which has it own linguistic principles); people read the ‘Signs of God’ lectionaries which is printed in English and the video clips are to enable them to read, prepare and sign the readings. However, important BSL principles such as placements and facial expressions can be used as much as possible which will greatly clarify the meaning and content of the messages in the readings.

For biblical quotes we use Revised New Jerusalem Bible. 

Video: Sunday Word of God in sign language

Year B

1st Sunday of Advent (29th November 2020)

2nd Sunday of Advent (6th December 2020)

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4th Sunday of Advent (20th December 2020)

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St Andrew (30th November)

Immaculate Conception (8th December)

Anniversary of Dedication of a Church

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Liturgical Signs: Mass, Prayers and Glossary in Sign Language.

Liturgical signs (glossary) - click here to see the video

Updated liturgical signs - click here to see the video

(Our Father; Let us Pray; At the time he was betrayed)

Emmaus story

(24:13-35) in modern settings filmed in 2009

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